Space Lift was founded by Drew McDaniel and Carolyn Manney in 2010 as a way to connect Drew's building experience, Carolyn's love of creative small business, their combined design skills and a desire to collaborate together.

Drew began working on houses full-time in Minneapolis, MN in 2005. Quickly developing the skills required for new construction and remodeling, his desire to continue growing as a carpenter led to work in wood shops starting in 2008. Drew apprenticed with Earl Stovall Woodworks in Nashville, TN, Cris Bifaro Woodworks in Asheville, NC, and Jay Brennan Woodworking in Cold Spring, NY, learning different approaches and techniques from each. His wood shop is now located in the Hudson Valley of New York, between Kingston and New Paltz. In addition to his work as a carpenter, Drew is an accomplished guitar player and home recordist. 

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Carolyn is a photographer and cook with a love of functional, intuitive design. She enjoys working with clients to help pinpoint what they need to feel like their space is really working for them, and collaborating on designs to help them express their unique style. She also loves throwing parties, bringing people together and cooking for them, which is what she does in the off hours at the Space Lift Wood Shop. Wood shop by day, party by night. For more information, shoot her an email at